AIDS and COVID-19 Social Uprisings and Protests

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Creator: Debie Aguilar ’22 Public Health

This map details the AIDS and COVID-19 pandemic social uprisings that occurred throughout the United States. The blue squares show the cities that were affected by large number of COVID-19 cases and the purple squares depict the cities affected by AIDS cases. To further show the diseases, lines connect major cities that depict the progression of the diseases throughout the country. The blue line shows an origin of COVID cases in Seattle, Washington, and how it progressed to the east coast, impacting cities like New York, Baltimore, and Boston. The purple lines show an origin of AIDS cases in Los Angeles and its eventual progression to the east coast to cities like New York, Atlanta, and Orlando. Since my map focuses on social protests, I used heat maps to show activism from each pandemic. The blueish heat maps are where reports of anti-mask sentiments and rallies from the Trump administration centered, which sparked major activism around anti-social-distancing policies and mask mandating. Additionally, these heat points also show how most resistance to public health policies were largely centered around the northern center and middle west parts of the country. The yellow/purple heat points depict activism from AIDS groups like ACTUP, which was started in New York City. Cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles also saw a large presence of protests that were created for a call to action. These heat points also show large activism around the southern coastal parts of the country in states like Florida and Georgia.

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