Elya J. Zhang (elya.j.zhang@gmail.com) is a lecturer of history at University of Rochester. She received her B.A. from the Renmin University of China and her Ph.D. from University of California, San Diego. In her research and teaching, she explores the financial and spatial history of capitalism in China. Her writings have appeared in the Journal of Asian Studies, Journal of Cold War Studies, Business History Review, Reviews in American History, and two edited volumes by Cornell University Press and Stanford University Press. She has been awarded an An Wang postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard’s Fairbank Center, an American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) fellowship, and an Abraham J. Karp teaching award at the University of Rochester. As a map lover, she also designed eight different courses in a row to systematically test the integration of scientific map-making into history research. By 2021, this unique challenge has attracted 327 students from 51 majors to experiment outside their comfort zones.

Class Photos

“Kindergarten pictures,” 45 classes, Spring 2010 to Spring 2022.

Student Map Makers

Last NameFirst NameMajorNoteItem ID
AnguilarDebiePublic HealthClass of 2022M169
AhnDoYoungEast Asian StudiesClass of 2019M004; M021; M042
AllonJoshuaHistoryClass of 2021M009; M124; M171; M185
AmiEsther BenPsychologyClass of 2022M153
Angelin NicholasJapanese StudiesClass of 2021M154
BabkowskiNicolePublic HealthClass of 2022M174
BallasKaylaPublic HealthClass of 2024M177
BauerShaunPhysicsClass of 2020M024
BhatiaTamanaComputational Biology and PsychologyClass of 2021M112
BlackburnMadelineHistoryClass of 2018M017
BorrelShannonPolitical ScienceClass of 2023M070
BostleyAlexiPublic HealthClass of 2022M102
BranningCalInternational RelationsClass of 2021M183
BreaultDanielOptical EngineeringClass of 2023M113
BrodkaIanChemical EngineeringClass of 2019M030; M048
CaoYixinFinancial EconomicsClass of 2019M041; M055
CavalloPhilipHistoryClass of 2022M117
ChavarriaJuan DanielEconomicsClass of 2019M142
ChenJuntingInterdepartmental ProgramClass of 2022M079
ChristensenHugoHistoryClass of 2020M057
ChuiRyan Wai-YinDigital Media StudiesClass of 2020M063
CobertJasonUndecidedClass of 2023M150
CortezAngiePolitical Science and Japanese StudiesClass of 2024M110
CroftKatelynApplied MusicClass of 2017M018
DavidsonMaddyHealth, Behavior & Society and EconomicsClass of 2022M106
DelsordoMatthewComputer ScienceClass of 2019M080; M081
DotyEvan CohenComputer ScienceClass of 2024M184
DouglasIanUndecidedClass of 2023M191
DowdCadenComputer ScienceClass of 2022M165
El-SayedMuhammedElectrical & Computer EngineeringClass of 2022M098
FanJonathanPhysicsClass of 2023M180
FangKunEconomicsClass of 2021M131
FasulloLivioMechanical EngineeringClass of 2019M136
FeldsottBenjaminHistoryClass of 2020M132
FowellJohnGeological SciencesClass of 2020M074; M090
FrelingEliseFilm & Media StudiesClass of 2021M188
GaoYixuanFinancial EconomicsClass of 2019M028; M059
GianniNoahMicrobiologyClass of 2019M137;
GlazerJacobUNCClass of 2022M072
GonzalezBeatriz GilPolitical ScienceClass of 2019M023
GouldCharlesHistory and Environmental ScienceClass of 2020M003; M011; M025; M046; M087
GowinKlemensOpticsClass of 2018M014; M128
GrayJoseph EvanUrban PlanningClass of 2018M001
GreenbergAnyaData ScienceClass of 2020M147
GuoTianruiApplied MathematicsClass of 2020M159
HanYulinInternational RelationsClass of 2019M029; M053
HeQiyueMusicClass of 2021M135
HermanLouisPolitical ScienceClass of 2020M002
HockEdwardHistory, Archaeology, and Italian StudiesClass of 2021M111
HodgeAndrewMechanical EngineeringClass of 2022M094
HollopeterPrestonChemical EngineeringClass of 2019M060
HongQianhuiDigital Media StudiesClass of 2019M019
HuHaominStudio ArtsClass of 2019M019
HuYileMathematicsClass of 2021M091
HuMonica YileMathematicsClass of 2021M108
HuangYifengOpticsClass of 2021M176
HurlbutJasonApplied MusicClass of 2021M027
HurwitzFarrenHistoryClass of 2019M134
HuttonLillianInternational Relations and HistoryClass of 2022M104
HyltonCeceNeuroscienceClass of 2022M168
InyaChristinaPublic HealthClass of 2021M172
IssacsCameronPublic HealthClass of 2021M164
JoYoo SangEast Asian StudiesClass of 2019M012
JuBrianElectrical & Computer EngineeringClass of 2019M129
KearnsNolanMicrobiologyClass of 2020M178
KeglMarthaSpanishClass of 2021M166
KimGi MoonBiochemistryClass of 2020M010
KlauberJesseInternational RelationsClass of 2021M007
KrewsonChristinaHealth, Behavior & Society and Environmental StudiesClass of 2021M097
KuwabaraNaoyaVisiting Student, Waseda UniversityNAM144
LeeAndrewChemistryClass of 2019M077; M083; M119
LembergJasperData ScienceClass of 2021M095
LiDonghuiInternational RelationsClass of 2021M120; M187
LiZiruiVisiting Student, University of MacauNAM031; M032; M043
LiZiyiHistoryClass of 2020M140
LiJiaoyangDigital Media StudiesClass of 2022M170
LimMervinOptical EngineeringClass of 2021M118
LinYifeiBiologyClass of 2020M026; M056
LiuChunhaoHistoryClass of 2020M066; M076; M082; M084
LiuYueData ScienceClass of 2021M039; M047; M127
LiuZiweiBusinessClass of 2023M156
LiuMaggie MeiqiPolitical ScienceClass of 2019M035; M045
LundyGabrielMechanical EngineeringClass of 2023M152
MaXufengEast Asian StudiesClass of 2019M008
MairGilianBiomedical EngineeringClass of 2021M107
MaleLamineComputer ScienceClass of 2021M038; M058; M155
MccowanLatviaEast Asian StudiesClass of 2021M163
McKendrickKatherineEnvironmental StudiesClass of 2019M190
McRaeSophiaHistoryClass of 2019M005
MedallaLindseyMechanical EngineeringClass of 2019M040; M044
MuellerKatyaInternational RelationsClass of 2020M096
MychajukMarkInternational RelationsClass of 2020M092
NelsonAlyssaHistoryClass of 2021M138
Neuman-DonihueEliasComputer ScienceClass of 2022M093
NtshangaseSakhileHistory and Comparative LiteratureClass of 2021M073
OladeleOluwademiladeBiochemistryClass of 2022M067; M071
OlechnoNatalieInternational RelationsClass of 2020M065
Ono-GerowIanEast Asian StudiesClass of 2021M148; M167
PachmanBrandonHistoryClass of 2020M181
ParkSeonjinPsychologyClass of 2019M036; M051
PaulsonClaireMicrobiologyClass of 2021M115
PhamJosephHistoryClass of 2020M075; M078
PhinneyHunterMechanical EngineeringClass of 2019M037; M052
RammeThandieInternational RelationsClass of 2020M068
RodriquezDianaPublic HealthClass of 2022M105
RomanazziGinaDigital Media Studies and MusicClass of 2022M099
RoweMarjorieMicrobiologyClass of 2021M114
RusaroBrenda MporeBrain & Cognitive SciencesClass of 2022M101
ScintoKaylaPolitical ScienceClass of 2019M130
SeguchiJadeInternational Relations and BusinessClass of 2022M103; M145
SevilleAnnaAudio and Music EngineeringClass of 2023M179
ShangYuanHealth, Behavior & Society and Brain & Cognitive ScienceClass of 2021M100
SheldonMaxwellEnvironmental ScienceClass of 2020M143
SolaTaraApplied MusicClass of 2021M175
SunRongqiMathematicsClass of 2020M158
SwansonMathewComputer ScienceClass of 2020M062
TallisBethanyEnvironmental StudiesClass of 2020M033; M049
TaoYuanchengComputer ScienceClass of 2022M161
TianJiayuMicrobiologyClass of 2017M020
TurayBassieInternational RelationsClass of 2020M069
VargasHenryDigital Media StudiesClass of 2021M162
WallaceMicaelaGerman and HistoryClass of 2021M116
WalshCullenChemistryClass of 2019M139
WangNingElectrical & Computer EngineeringClass of 2019M064; M149
WangRuoyuDigital Media Studies and Studio ArtClass of 2022M109
WeiShuyuPsychologyClass of 2021M121
WentzMichaelaChemical EngineeringClass of 2017M122
WheelerMatthewHistoryClass of 2021M157
WightmanAdaHistoryClass of 2021M123
WillisDanielGeological SciencesClass of 2019M133
WuJiahangHistoryClass of 2023M061; M088
XuDuoEnglishClass of 2018M125
XuHelenHealth, Behavior & SocietyClass of 2019M050
XuSaraEast Asian StudiesClass of 2017M016
YangJimmyEconomicsClass of 2020M151
YangYanweiComputer ScienceClass of 2021M160; M189
YangCanFinance and Digital Media StudiesClass of 2022M182
YimJinyeongCell & DevelopmentClass of 2019M006
YuMojinDigital Media Studies and Psychology Class of 2019M013
YuRaymondOpticsClass of 2019M034; M054
YuanXinyueHistory and Computer ScienceClass of 2018M022
ZhaiYuqingDigital Media StudiesClass of 2022
ZhangElyaHistoryCourse CreatorM141
ZhangJackPolitical ScienceClass of 2021M015; M086
ZhangJiayuBusiness and HistoryClass of 2022M186
ZhaoJunyiComputer ScienceClass of 2021M146
ZhaoTianyaoEnvironmental HealthClass of 2019M085
ZhengZeqingInternational RelationsClass of 2018M126