The Coronavirus Outbreak Before March 11th 2020

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Creator: Jiaoyang Li ’22 Digital Media Studies

This map mainly illustrates the outbreak of the Coronavirus before 11 March 2020. It represents how rapid covid-19 spreads to nearly every continent on the Earth and it only stands for the time before 11 march this year. I spent almost one and a half hour to illustrate over one hundred and ten countries in this map. Covid-19 disease is a vascular disease and a contagious respiratory disease that spreads via lots of ways, primarily involving saliva and other bodily fluids and excretions. Common symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, fatigue, breathing difficulties, and loss of smell and taste. Coronavirus was first found in Wuhan, China, then spread to almost every country in the world now. However, even the infection rate of Covid-19 is so high, its fatality rate is only 2%. And the low fatality rate lead some of the population think little for the virus. Before April, China is the most affected country and has the greatest amount of people who are affected. Now, United Stated became the most severe region that is affected by the virus. That’s because Chinese government set up a series of restrictions to reduce dissemination of the virus and all the citizens must follow the rules.

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