AIDS Response US vs. Canada (The First 5 Years)

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Creator: Josh Allon ’21 History

The points illustrated represent various events that occurred in each country in approximately the first five years after each nation discovered their first cases of AIDS (not necessarily meaning they knew they were cases of AIDS at the time). The types of events represented by these points include national conferences, global conferences, discovery of the retrovirus causing AIDS, AIDS hotspots, important hospitals opened in response to the AIDS pandemic, AIDS awareness events, and AIDS groups formed (such as task forces, awareness groups, etc.). Furthermore, this map is meant to picture the overall difference in response time, as although Canada did not discover their first case until a year after the US, it seems that their response time to supporting patients in and out of the hospital was much quicker than that of their Southern counterpart. Also, this map shows the general location of certain events, which on one hand Canada’s activity was centralized in Ontario and Quebec while the US had events popping up on the East and West coasts. Although not a complicated map, the map is meant to serve as a simple illustration of response time contrasts although after the 5-year period there were definitely more/different changes to occur.

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