Luxembourg in the Belt and Road Initiative – A Gateway to Western Europe

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Creator: Yixin Cao ’19 Financial Economics

In March 2019, Luxembourg signed memorandums on joining the Belt and Road Initiative. By the time of this map, Luxembourg and China haven’t announced any investment in infrastructure as the Belt and Road Initiative in other countries normally focuses on. Instead, institutions in the two countries have planned to cooperate in banking, transportation, and telecommunication. Luxembourg’s unique location makes it a gateway for the BRI in Western Europe – its small territory is surrounded by Germany, France, and Belgium, and is in the center of the European part of China-Europe cargo railway network. Goods delivered to Luxembourg through multiple flights and trains from various cities in China can be dispersed to nearby regions easily. No matter how the coorperation turns out for Luxembourg, it will be an example for other developed countries in Western Europe. It will explore the potential of BRI in fields that require more talents in service industries.

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