Cooperation Between the Philippines and China in B&R

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Creator: Zirui Li

This map depicts the major Chinese infrastructure investment in the Philippines. The investments have expanded to various cities and various industries. There are two oil joint development areas. This map also shows the political stability of different provinces which indirectly reflects the stability of the investment projects there. Political violence involves battles, riots, protests and violence against civilians with data collected from 11/20/2018 (the day the Philippine joint BRI) to 04/13/2019.

This map depicts the visual-available risks of BRI in the Philippines. The South China Sea dispute is a major destabilizing factor. The map shows the disputed area between Southeast Asian states and China as well as American military involvement. Besides, southeast Asian pirates is also a big threat to the maritime stability between China and the Philippines trade. As a shaky place, the earthquake works as an irresistible factor threatens the future of infrastructure projects in the Philippines as well.

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