Turkmenistan Gas and Infrastructure BRI

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Creator: Ian Brodka ’19 Chemical Engineering

Turkmenistan’s gas and shipping infrastructure is rather well integrated into the country and the surrounding counties. The points to notice are the pipelines and where they go. The infrastructure on the Eastern side of Turkmenistan is fairly new and recent due to China’s involvement in the region, and a fourth pipeline is being built to China from Turkmenabat. The only other pipelines currently experiencing any use are the TAPI line to India in the south and the Trans-Caspian line in the West to Europe. These gas lines also tend to run parallel to many of the rail lines in the country and in close proximity to the gas producing fields of the country for easy access. The most difficult part of the gas extraction is the refinement as there are currently only two facilities in the country to refine the gas: Turkmenbashi and Turkmenabat.

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