Tallinn – Helsinki – Kirkenes Rail Route

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Creator: Bethany Tallis ’20 Environmental Studies

This map highlights part of the Belt and Road Initiative to be built within Estonia, Finland and Norway. China has recently invested €15 billion into an underwater sea tunnel which will link Tallinn and Helsinki and help decrease commuting times from 2 hours to just 30 minutes. The zoomed in portions of the map showcase the planned land routes within Finland and Estonia, and the proximity of the BRI to cargo depots. This map also depicts one proposed route connecting Helsinki to Kirkenes in Norway; a port within the Arctic corridor. Although not a finalized route, the route from Helsinki to Kirkenes would serve as a vital connection between the Polar Silk Road in the Arctic and the Belt and Road Initiative set to be expanded on in mainland Europe.

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Bethany Tallis, “Tallinn - Helsinki - Kirkenes Rail Route.” Scale: 1:70,000. In Elya J. Zhang, ed., Mapping History Series. <https://elyadatabase.com/2021/07/27/tallinn-helsinki-kirkenes-rail-route/> (accessed May 27, 2022).

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