The Philippines’ Civil Relations with Japan After WWII

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Creator: Anna Seville ’23 Audio and Music Engineering

This map depicts areas in which steps have been taken to rebuild the relationship between the people and the Philippines and Japan following World War II. The water regions highlighted in this map represent the areas in which Japan had utilized during the war as well as regions that were used as a means of reentry to the Philippines to instigate the rebuilding of the nation following the war. The main island Luzon, outlined in this map, encapsulates the region in which the tragic Bataan Death March occurred as well as the markers and memorials that have been erected to acknowledge and reach out to the people of Bataan in the post-war era. Though the history of the Philippines and Japan is traumatic and scarring, to promote the growth, sustainability, and beneficial international relations between both countries, Japan has reached out to the people of Bataan in the effort to promote a sense of healing to all the people of the Philippines.

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