Potential Chinese Ferrochrome Production Sites in Zimbabwe

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Creator: Ryan Wai-Yin Chui ’20 Digital Media Studies

Underneath Zimbabwe lies two major mineral deposit formations that are rich in Chromium: the Great Dyke and the Greenstone Belt. The Chinese have provided foreign aid to extract Chromium ores and have established smelting plants that combine iron and chromite to produce Ferrochrome alloys that are commonly used for stainless steel. Ferroalloys and Chromium ores together make up 15.2% of exports from Zimbabwe, immediately following Raw Tobacco which attribute to 51% of all Zimbabwean exports. This map indicates two components for prospective Chinese ferrochrome production sites in Zimbabwe. 1) The distribution of Chromium concentrations across Zimbabwe as indicated from red (highest) to blue (lowest). 2) Relevant Zimbabwean towns that are in close proximity to the major mineral deposit formations. They are categorized as “resource-rich” townships if they directly intersect with these mineral sites.

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Ryan Wai-Yin Chui, “Potential Chinese Ferrochrome Production Sites in Zimbabwe.” Scale: 1:20,000,000. In Elya J. Zhang, ed., Mapping History Series. <https://elyadatabase.com/2021/08/02/potential-chinese-ferrochrome-production-sites-in-zimbabwe/> (accessed May 27, 2022).

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