Anti-Asian American Physically Violent Hate Crimes During Covid-19 & 3rd Wave of Bubonic Plague

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Creator: Micaela Wallace ’21 German & History

As with the Third Wave of the Bubonic Plague 100 years ago, the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020 resulted in millions of people’s deaths. The United States responded in both pandemics by blaming the Asian-American community. Anti-Asian American physically violent hate crimes rose significantly through media and political leader’s propaganda. This map shows that major cities across the United States have reported violent attacks against Asian-American communities in both the Bubonic Plague and Covid-19. These pandemics continue to showcase, that institutionalized racism and rhetoric still exists within American society and politics. While heartbreaking to know that violence and racist rhetoric continues to remain within U.S. society, there are reasons to remain optimistic about change. Reporting centers such as AAPI have ensured the documentation of hate, violence, harassment, and bullying of Asian Americans throughout the U.S. AAPI and other organization’s tireless efforts has resulted in the recent passage of the Anti-Asian American Hate Crime Bill. Through these efforts, society can begin to dismantle the institutionalized racism prevalent towards Asian-American communities.

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