The distribution and spread of COVID-19 and SARS cases

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Creator: Yuqing Zhai ’22 Digital Media Studies

This map shows a comparison between the distribution and spread of COVID19 and SARS cases, supplementing with a focused map of Asia (sharing the same legend). We can see both viruses were started in China: Guangdong and Hubei. The points on the map are regions with reported SARS cases over ten and the map creator classifies the number of cases by different colored pins as the legend shows. We can see the worst-hit area of SARS is Asia especially China. However, although COVID19 is also from China, the worst-hit area is The United States. The confirmed cases for The U.S. is more than 30 times of China’s until 11/20/2020. The creator labels different amounts of COVID19 cases by different shaded colors. The color is deeper if there are more cases for COVID19. Besides, we can see COVID19 spreads to more countries and spreads far more severely than SARS from the map. COVID19 also attacks more developed countries, especially in Europe. Also, we can see that the spreading speed of COVID19 reaches the whole world is faster than SARS. SARS spreads from China to South-east Asia first in February 2003 and then affected the Americas in the next month. However, COVID19 divergently spreads all over the world within one month. Overall, by looking at the distribution and spread of COVID19 and SARS cases, we can conclude that COVID19 spreads to more regions at a faster speed than SARS.

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