China-DRC Mining and Forestry Relations

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The map illustrates the various imports and exports benefitting China and the DRC. In the forestry sectors (the Equateur and Bandundu provinces) 57 artisanal licenses were distributed (specifically to companies linked to Chinese capital) and approximately four million dollars was invested into the forestry sector, while approximately 50,000m3 worth of logs and approximately 1,200m3 worth of sawn timber was exported to China. In the mining sector (specifically the Sicomines Deal in the Katanga province) approximately four billion dollars was invested into infrastructure projects of a good nature (such as transportation, health, and electricity), 10-12% of work was required to go to Congolese companies, and 0.5% of each investment project dedicated to transferring technology and training Congolese staff (while China received a 68:32 ratio of the resources mined [specifically copper and cobalt] and allowed to have their over 70 mining enterprises continue operation).

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