South Korea Undersea Tunnel

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Creator: Lamine Male ’21 Computer Science

This map is about the Japan-Korea Undersea Tunnel Project. It shows in different colors and formats the different routes that have been proposed from the 1940s until recent times. The earliest routes proposed include a rail and road trajectory that would link Busan to Fukuoka and an undersea tunnel from Busan to Karatsu. However, the most recent route proposal would range from Geoje (in the South Gyeongsang province) to Karatsu. This proposal is estimated to cost up to $150 billion over a distance of 231 kilometers. This project has been in negotiations between both countries since the 1940s and presents extremely valuable economic benefits not only for Japan and Korea, but also for Southeast Asian trade. Therefore, the map also shows the different cities in Korea where notable Korean and Japanese officials met to negotiate and discuss in more depth the project’s logistics.

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