COVID and Spanish Flu Containment

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Creator: Brenda Mpore Rusaro ’22 Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Considering all the several major pandemics that have happened over the last 100 years, one of the worst epidemics was the 1918 Spanish Flu followed by COVID-19 that have killed thousands of people around the world. This map focuses on the initiatives taken by public health, governments, and the people to contain the virus in these two different eras. My research focused on finding places that dropped from a high number of deaths to low; I used lines to show the number of deaths, and polygons to demonstrate places with the most management in containing both pandemics thanks to public health facilities and the government. The map demonstrates the progression of both viruses using colored lines and map notes; while the polygons show the countries and states that successfully contained the pandemics. Further, to narrow down my research, I decide to look for data of Spanish flu in United states and COVID-19 in mostly Europe. The African cities shown by the dots are the places that outstandingly contained the two viruses.

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