Chinese Investments in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone

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Creator: Bassie Turay ’20 International Relations

This map highlights the key areas of China’s investments in Sierra Leone in the post-conflict era (2002 – present). China’s varying investments have played an influential role in Sierra Leone’s reconstruction immediately after the civil war in 2002, and in its relative economic turnaround within the past decade. These investments cover healthcare, governance, transportation, sports, tourism, mining, and agriculture. The map indicates the following: key Chinese investments in roads and railway, which can be viewed through the lines on the map; infrastructure that required major funding from the Chinese government (such as national stadiums, government buildings, hospitals, and hotel), which can be viewed through the points on the map; and investments that were strategic and large scale (such as mines, hydro-dams, and an airport), which can be viewed through the polygons.

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