China Japanese Anime II

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Creator: Yuancheng Tao ’22 Computer Science

This map shows how Japan’s anime influenced the South East Coast of China. I put mainly four important elements on the map. First is the cross-sea trade roads between Japan and China. I showed Japan as a diamond and connect it with the main harbors in south east Coast of China. Second important part is the yellow and green delta area is known as Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. I chose that two specific area because not only they are the economy and technology center of China, they contain the city including Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shen Zhen that has the most well-developed top-down anime-based economy in China. So, for these cities, which is the third element on my map, there are many important anime event, conferences and shopping circle exists which I wrote out in the textboxes related to these cities. The last element was the two river roads marked by purple lines as anime was transferred through that two river roads and spread into the other parts of South East China.

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