China in Mozabique: Military Trainings, Natural Resources, Agriculture

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Creator: Chunhao Liu ’20 History

This map illustrates Chinese involvement in Mozambique from 1962 to 2022. Chinese guerilla military training in Tanzania assisted Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO) members in fighting against Portuguese colonizers. After Mozambique became independence in 1975, the Chinese government involved in two types of investments: agriculture and natural resources. The agricultural involvement included the cooperation in early friendship farms since 1976, such as Niassa and Matama farms, and recent investments in the Zambezi valley zone in 2006, focusing on the agro-technology. For natural resources, China was a new investor. After 2007, the Chinese government invested in the coalfield in Tete province, gas and oil field in the Rovuma basin, the northern part of Mozambique. For such two types of investments, Chinese governments helped to construct many infrastructure projects—such as railroads, hydroelectric dams, deep-water ports, and pipelines—to achieve a win-win relationship and to build Mozambique’s agro-industrial system.

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