China Car Industries

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Creator: Tianrui Guo ’20 Applied Mathematics

This map basically shows the Chinese-Japanese joint venture in Car Industries. In these 3 circles in inter-China, the Japanese car business such as Toyota, Nissan and Honda have established their own joint venture around these 3 major cities in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang. The joint venture was brought into China in the beginning of 1970s as Japan and China establish their diplomatic relations. The corresponding deal was signed especially in the blueprint of bringing up the market of prevailing necessities like cars. Besides, the Japanese government also gave loan to small and middle business as they produce appropriate parts for the factories. Such given loan has boosted the market of such joint venture and business in taking in bigger proportion in Chinese market and giving the corresponding revenues back to Japan. The mutual benefits of such deal have helped both Japan and China in establishing better economic and political environments.

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