Spice Trade Map of Dutch East East India Company and British India Company

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Creator: Doyoung Ahn ’19 East Asian Studies

This map is about the spice trade of Dutch East India Company and British East India Company. The Dutch and British set up their own East India Company in the east in east Indian ocean regions and monopolized the spice trade. During the seventeenth century and eighteenth century. British East India Company, in short EIC, focused in trading the black peppers. On the other hand, Dutch East India company, in short VOC, traded monopolized the nutmeg and clove. This map focus how VOC was powerful compared to EIC in spice trade at the beginning of the 17th Century.

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Doyoung Ahn, “Spice Trade Map of The Dutch East India Company and British East India Company.” Scale: 1:70,000. In Elya J. Zhang, ed., Mapping History Series. <https://elyadatabase.com/2021/07/27/spice-trade-map-of-dutch-east-east-india-company-and-british-india-company/> (accessed May 27, 2022).

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