“Belt and Road Initiative” in Thailand

ElyaDatabase ID Number: M026

Creator: Yifei Lin ’20 Biology

This map shows both the ongoing and planned/potential projects of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Thailand since China and Thailand signed the BRI contract. The projects categories vary but with a focus on infrastructures, such as high-speed railway as part of Kunming-Singapore Railway project, Greater Mekong Subregion highways, and the Kra Canal, which all have strategic importance to China’s economic developments. Shown in grey is the Thai Government’s special economic zone — Eastern Economic Corridor. The overlap between the corridor and China’s BRI projects demonstrate the potential benefits of this collaboration, both politically and economically.

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Yifei Lin, “"Belt and Road Initiative" in Thailand.” Scale: 1:70,000. In Elya J. Zhang, ed., Mapping History Series. <https://elyadatabase.com/2021/07/27/belt-and-road-initiative-in-thailand/> (accessed May 27, 2022).

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